Eyes Open Photoshoot!

First, some quick mews:  the shelter at On Angel's Wings in Crystal Lake is FULL OF KITTENS.  So full that there's no room for ours.  So, while they have officially graduated, and are available for adoption right now, they will be staying at the Academy for another week.  If you want to adopt one of the older kittens, please apply now.  There's an event next Sunday, Aug 28th at the PetSmart in Crystal Lake, where all our kittens will be making an appearance, whether the shelter has room or not.

Toffee is the only one who has already been adopted.  Shortcake, Cobbler, Custard, Nutmeg, Fennel, Tamarind, Clove, and Poppy are all available! 

Now on to the main event!  We took some photos today of Ivy's kittens, to celebrate the fact they all have their eyes open!