Worldwide Mews!

We are thrilled about all the new people we have met since Kitten Academy has opened to the internet.  We'd really like it if more people sent us pictures of themselves, and their cats, enjoying the live stream.  Or just sending us e-mails, chatting on the live stream - whatever!  Say hello to us from you.  You can email or you can just check out the live stream and talk to us directly in the chat there - most of the time.  

Here's a couple highlights from this week:

Our friend Mark likes to display the live stream to keep his team of programmers motivated.  We're all doin' it for the cats -- amIrite?  

Meanwhile, our Austrian friend, Eva-Maria, loves to regale us with charming sayings on the YouTube Chat.  She and her mom call Coopi, "Tiny Fudge Ear."  Which is so cute, we considered renaming her.  This week, Eva-Maria sent us a collection of cat sayings in her native language, with some adorable translations.  Some of these are well-known quotes, and others are invented for our kittens by Eva-Maria!

Woran erkennen Katzenfreunde einander? - Kratzer an der Hand, Haare am Gewand.

Whereby catfriends recognize each other? - Scratches on the hand, hairs on the garment.

Frei nach Loriot (deutscher Humorist): Ein Leben ohne Katzen ist zwar möglich, aber unerträglich sinnlos!

Based on Loriot (German humorist): A Life without cats is possible, but unbearably pointless.

Fondant-Öhrchen = Tiny fudge ear

Die Menschheit lässt sich grob in zwei Gruppen einteilen: in Katzenliebhaber und in vom Leben Benachteiligte. - Francesco Petrarca

Humanity can be divided roughly into two groups: in cat lovers and people who are disadvantaged by life. - Francesco Petrarca (Italian poet)

"Wenn ich mit meiner Katze spiele, bin ich nie ganz sicher, ob nicht ich ihr Zeitvertreib bin.“ - Michel de Montaigne

“When I play with my cat, I'm never quite sure whether I am her pastime.” - Michel de Montaigne

Spot springt hoch, Spot springt weit. Warum auch nicht, sie hat ja Zeit. = Spot jumps high, Spot jumps far. Why not, she has time.

Hazel, die Schulter-Katze = Hazel the shoulder-cat

Busto-Miezi = it’s a mix of the Bavarian word for Kiss = “Bussi” and the Italian word for taste = “Gusto”.
So this is “Busto”. And the German word for kitty/pussy = “Miezi” (self-creation from my mom)

[Ed: I think the above describes DJ's propensity for 'accidentally' licking the kittens when she is kissing them.]

"Niemand! Wirklich niemand darf mich Sonntagmorgens wecken!" - "MIAU" – "Ach, du hast Hunger?  Komme schon du armer Schatz!" – Unbekannt

"Nobody! Really nobody can wake me up Sunday morning!" – “MEOW!” – “Oh, you're hungry? Coming, you poor baby!” – Unknown

Frei nach Mom: "Wenn die Uni dich an den Rand der Verzweiflung treibt, Dir nur noch der Blick auf die Kätzchen bleibt!"

Based on Mom: "If university is driving you to the brink of despair, it only remains that you look at the kittens!



Thank you Eva-Maria!  And thank you, Mark!  And thank you to all our viewers and fans.  We love to hear from you!