Momcat News!

We just want to make a quick post here to update you on the status of our momcats, Abby and Chutney.  We'll come back with another post soon about our kittens and exciting adoption stories!


Abby is at On Angel's Wings in Crystal Lake.  She turned out to not be a momcat after all!  She's just got a big belly.  She's a skittish cat, but once she knows you, she can be very loving.  Contact or stop by On Angel's Wings to see her or arrange an adoption!



Chutney's pregnancy turned out to not produce any viable kittens.  She's at the emergency vet as we write this, getting a C-section and spay.  She's going to be just fine!  She'll be returning to the Academy this evening, and will rest and recover for a little while before going to On Angel's Wings or another foster.

On Angel's Wings has three other momcats that need fostering, so their preference is to move Chutney to someone who can handle an adult cat, and bring one of the other momcats to us, where we have more experience.  When we know which of the three we'll be taking on here, we'll be sure to let you know!

[EDIT: 18th, 4:15pm, Chutney is out of surgery and doing well.  However,  the vet will be keeping her overnight to monitor her recovery.  Remember to always spay or neuter your pets!!]

[EDIT: 19th, 11:15am.  Chutney still at vet.  Reportedly doing well, but vet wants to see her eat before she goes home.  Next update after 3pm.]

[EDIT: 19th, 9:30pm.  Chutney home, recovering.  Full of purrs and headbutts.]


We'd like to end this post on the most important note:  a big thank you to all of our supporters over the last several months!  Because of your generous donations, and a couple months with unusually low expenses, we were able to choose the best treatment options at the emergency vet today without needing to be concerned with the cost.  That sort of privilege is wonderful, and it's thanks to all of you that we were able to easily choose the very best for Chutney.  Thank you so very much for your help!  We can't properly express how grateful we are that you've helped us in this situation.  You made today a much better day for everyone!

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