Here at the Kitten Academy, there's some guidelines we follow, but we really only have one truly official policy.  That policy is our "no sads" policy.  What it means is that we can't stomach hearing about cats and kittens in distress, even if we know the story ends well.  And therefore, we never want to tell those sorts of stories.  Even if our kittens come from a bad beginning, the story we want to focus on is the wonderful time they have at the Kitten Academy and thereafter.

Due to the nature of what we do, though, sometimes, sad things may happen.  In those cases, we've decided that we will just tell you the facts, in the least exploitative way possible.  We're not here to play on your heart-strings with tragedy, just to inform you of the news, even when it's unfortunate.

Despite our best efforts, round-the-clock care, and over two thousand dollars in vet expenses in the last five days, Chutney passed away this afternoon.  Our best understanding of the situation is that she had peritonitis -- a bad infection in her belly -- as a result of her multiple ectopic pregnancies.  We had several X-rays, bloodwork, and multiple vets examine her during the course of the last several days, and this is what they all agree on.  We took every measure available to address the situation, but in the end, the outcome was inevitable.

However, there is one bright point in this story.  

When Chutney went into labor on Sunday, and things were at their most dire, we took her in to the emergency clinic for a C-section.  To avoid too much detail, Chutney had a lot going on inside of her, and most of it was not good.

But there was one kitten that seemed to be fully-formed and potentially viable!  We didn't mention this previously, because we were concerned that it might turn out to be a sad story on its own.  But it hasn't!  After a prolonged stay of several days in emergency care at the clinic, the kitten was declared healthy enough to go to a home, and was collected by a fellow On Angels' Wings foster, who has experience in bottle-feeding newborn kittens.

That kitten has been named "Charlie," and as of today, is reported to be healthy -- a vigorous bottle-nurser, and very, very noisy.  We don't plan on reporting more on Charlie's progress, but we can give you the photos that have been taken of him so far, at the clinic, and then later with the foster.  

[Edit:  After reaching four weeks of age, Charlie has come to attend the Kitten Academy!  He's doing great!]

Thank you -- again -- to all of you that have contributed to Kitten Academy in past months.  It's thanks to you, as well as to the doctors and technicians at the emergency clinic, and to On Angels' Wings and their fosters, that Charlie is thriving today, and that Chutney was cared for in the best possible fashion.