Introducing Angel!

This is just a quick post to officially introduce Angel, the new pregnant cat you may have already noticed in the Kitten Academy Annex!  She's a beautiful Calico, who was brought to us by On Angels' Wings.  She's already proven herself to be friendly, and likes to purr, and follow us around the room.  She also comes running at the sound of an opening tin of food!

It's difficult to predict exactly when she will deliver her kittens, but DJ thinks it will be in the next day.  Mr. A. thinks it'll certainly be sometime this week.  We can already feel her little kittens kicking if we put a hand on her belly; they're excited to get out!

Although we haven't been keeping the Annex camera on consistently, the plan is to live stream the birth.  We put the camera on the stream whenever we're not watching her directly, so we can hear if anything happens!  Sorry if that makes it a little boring sometimes.  Things can get a little intense when a cat goes into labor, but if possible, we'll tweet when it begins, take some supplemental recordings, and archive the footage from the live stream, just like we did for Ivy.

Here's some photos we got over the first couple days she's been here!

One extra quick note - Chiffon was adopted, which means all the Textiles have homes, except for Velvet!  She's still at On Angels' Wings.

Mews You May Have Heard!

Flannel wants to talk to you about adopting all her sisters.

Hello, Kitten Academicians!  Just a quick post to make sure everyone's aware of a few random bits of news that we've already announced on the live stream!

First an apology:  We don't have any new photos to put on this post, because on Monday, Custard knocked our best camera off a desk, and now it's been sent in for repairs.  It'll be out for a few weeks.  Until then, we'll fall back on the older camera and our cell phones!

The Textiles are all going to be at an event with On Angels' Wings, in Crystal Lake, at the Crystal Lake PetCo today.  After the event, they will go to the On Angels' Wings store, where they will stay until Sunday evening - or until adopted, whichever comes first!  Any Textiles not adopted by Sunday will return to the Academy, where they will have free run of the house most of the time, rather than returning to the main Academy room.

Acro is preparing to drop his new album soon.

The Fonts will be moved into the main Academy room this weekend, after we give it a thorough cleaning.  We're all looking forward to how they will react to being able to see more of the world!

Our test runs of YouTube's new live-streaming-from-a-phone feature were, we feel, highly successful!  Thanks to those of you who managed to join us, even though we didn't really plan or announce them.  Expect us to do more of that now that it's an option!

We met with a lawyer this week, and have started down the path to turning Kitten Academy into a real 501c3 charity.  It'll take a while to get it all done, but we expect it to bring a lot of benefits to you, and to us!  More news as that develops.

Charlie taking lessons from Professor Custard.

Finally, this week, from Sunday the 12th - Sunday the 19th (roughly) we will be running a trial of "monetization" on YouTube.  That's what they call it when we have ads play on and around our videos.  We don't get any control over what ads you see, but we do get a certain amount of control over where and when they might appear.  We'll be using the week to figure out those controls, what the options are, and also to get a feel for whether it's worthwhile at all.  Some of you may recall we did a brief trial last year and decided against it - we think it's time to try it again and see if anything's changed.  If you really can't stand advertisements, we apologize - and keep in mind that YouTube Red eliminates all ads on YouTube!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching!

Textiles Graduation!

These kids sure grew up quickly!  They arrived December 23rd, and here we are, a month later, ready to send them off!  They will go for their "graduation ceremony" (spay/neuter, microchipping, and vaccines) on Thursday the 2nd, then be fully ready to adopt this weekend. February 4th.  If you're interested in one or more of these lovable, rambunctious Textiles, contact On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL to put in an application.  It's not too soon to do it now!  You can find the standard application on their website here.

Before we get to the photos, one quick thing I forgot to mention in the last post.  We hit 150,000 YouTube subscribers over the weekend!  WOW!  Thank you all so much!

Velvet - Momcat

Velvet did a wonderful job of raising her kids.  A true provider, she was often seen at night calling them to join her after a successful hunt for a catnip mouse.  She loves food more than anything else in the world.  She can be affectionate and enjoy purring in a lap, but mainly on her own terms.  She would never hurt a person, but isn't shy about letting you know when she's had enough.  She tolerates the presence of other cats and even dogs, though she's not interested in making new friends.

Tweed - Male

Tweed - affectionately called "Tweedybear" has proven that he can hold his own against his five sisters.  Playful and independent, but loves nothing more than a good nap on a soft bed.  He has a wonderfully affectionate personality and is ready with purrs when picked up!  He has grown up in a high-energy family and would do fantastically well whether adopted by himself or along with one of his adorable sisters.

Merino - Female - Yellow/Orange Collar

Merino is the boldest of the Textiles, and a true people-lover.  She loves to explore, will sneak out of the Kitten Academy at any opportunity to see the world.  She gets excited whenever people are around and sometimes will climb a leg to get attention.  While she is always full of purrs for her people, a lot of her adventures at the Kitten Academy have been accomplished with help from Tweed, Poplin and Flannel.  If you are looking to adopt more than one kitten, you cannot go wrong with Merino along with one of her siblings!

Poplin - Female - No Collar

Poplin is a beautiful black kitten with distinctive white eyeliner!  Just like her siblings, she is always ready for adventure and has a lot of love for her humans.  She has been the leader as well as trusty team member of many exploratory missions undertaken by the Textiles at the Kitten Academy.  After a long day of kitten-work, she is also often found right in the middle of cuddle-piles with her siblings.  Poplin would make a wonderful pet for anyone looking to adopt just her or along with one of her siblings.

Flannel - Female - Black/Yellow Plaid Collar

Flannel enjoys people and can form a tight bond with the right human.  She is a very inquisitive kitten and makes friends with other animals fairly quickly.  She also has a lot of snuggles for her humans.  She loves to settle in for a nap on your shoulder.  She has spent a lot of time in rough-n-tumble mode with her tireless siblings.  Flannel will make a great pet whether adopted by herself or with one of her sisters for company!

Chiffon - Female - Blue Collar

Chiffon is the most independent of the Textiles, and would be ideal for someone who wants a cat that can do her own thing more often than not.  She appreciates attention and playtime with her siblings.  She always has purrs and snuggles for her humans, especially when it's nap time.  She may be ideal to be adopted with one of her siblings so both kittens get the amount of play and activity that matches up with their incredible energy levels. 

Jacquard - Female - Pink Tiger Stripe Collar

Jackie is as playful and energetic as any of the Textiles.  She loves to attack socks... especially with feet in them!  She is often found practicing her wrestling moves on one of her siblings but is also very affectionate when it comes to time with her humans.  She loves snuggling up with her siblings at nap-time and would do really well to be adopted with one of them.

As usual, here's the rest of the photos from the shoot!

Introducing The Fonts! (Part Two)

Now that Charlie has joined Kitten Academy, and the Fonts all have their eyes open, we thought it would be a good time for a second introduction!  But before we get to that, a little housekeeping to get out of the way.

Thanks to our Patreon, Elennare for compositing this image!

Firstly, we finally have an official mailing address!  If you have any reason to want to send us something, you can mail it to:

Kitten Academy
P.O. Box 123
Fox Lake, IL, 60020-0123
United States

Special thanks to On Angels' Wings for taking our mail in the interim.  

Secondly, a reminder that The Textiles will be having their graduation ceremony (i.e. surgery!) this Thursday.  They should be officially available for adoption this weekend, February 4th.  PLEASE get your applications in to On Angels' Wings and adopt one of these rambunctious, loving kittens.  Momcat Velvet will be getting spayed at the same time, but will probably need a few more days of recovery before adoption is an option.

We hope you got a chance to see Charlie appear with us and On Angels' Wings on WGN TV on Friday!  If you missed it, you can follow this link to the episode!  Charlie stole the show, of course.  And that's probably why he was adopted within minutes of us leaving the studio!  Thanks WGN!  Charlie will remain at the Kitten Academy until he has completed his lessons.

Finally, we've had a lot of people ask about Charlie and his story.  So just a little clarification!  Charlie was born on December 19th, and hand-raised by one of the wonderful people who foster for On Angels' Wings.  Meanwhile, Arial was picked up by Animal Control on January 5th, and delivered her four kittens at Animal Control on the 6th.  Then she was brought in to On Angels' Wings, and from there, to the Kitten Academy.  Once Charlie was old enough to be weaned, he was also brought to Kitten Academy, so that he could be socialized and hopefully, learn to cat!  Arial accepted him as part of her family almost immediately, despite being about 2.5 weeks older than her own kittens.  He sometimes plays a little too rough for his adoptive siblings, which is why we take him out of the Annex occasionally -- to give them a break!

OK!  Now on to the photos!  

Baskerville - Male

Wingdings - Female - AKA Winnie

Zapf - Male

Garamond - Male - AKA Gary

Charlie - Male

Arial - Momcat

As usual, here's all the rest of the photos from the photoshoot!

Introducing The Fonts! (Part One)

Firstly, let us thank all of you - The Sprigs were adopted in record time.  Less than two hours from the start of the adoption event, they were all gone to their new homes!  It's because all of you have spread the word about Kitten Academy that this happened.  It's wonderful.  Thank you!

And a quick update on Velvet and the Textiles:  They're all getting much better every day.  Flannel's eye is great, and Poplin and Jackie aren't far behind.  Velvet is still sneezing a little, but every day closer to perfect health.  She has a follow-up appointment at the vet tomorrow evening - Wednesday the 11th.

Now the big news:  yesterday, a new family arrived at the Academy.  The momcat, Arial, was picked up by local Animal Control on the 5th of January, and delivered her babies at Animal Control on the 6th.  She was then transferred to On Angels' Wings, who has placed her in the Kitten Academy Annex.  So far, she's a dedicated momcat, and friendly, too.  She purrs and enjoys belly rubs like Ivy did.  That's everything we know about the new family!

We'll put up a new cheatsheet in a week or two when the Fonts have their eyes open and we have gotten better photos.  But in the meantime, here's the key to identifying which of the new tiny kittens are which!

Baskerville - Male

Wingdings - Female - A.K.A. Winnie

Garamond - Male - A.K.A. Gary

Zapf (Chancery) - Male

Arial - Female

As usual, here's the full album of photos we took yesterday!

Sprigs Graduation!

Happy New Year to you!  December was a wild month for us, so we apologize for not having the opportunity to publish more, and to really celebrate the holidays with you in the ways we would have liked.  

Though it seems like only yesterday, the Sprigs joined us on November 11th, and the time has come for them to graduate from the Kitten Academy.  The "graduation ceremony" (spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, etc) will be on Tuesday, January 3rd, and then after a few days of recovering at the Academy, they will go to PetSmart, in McHenry, IL, on Saturday the 7th, where they will remain until they are adopted.

If you'd like to adopt one (or more!) of the Sprigs, it's not too early to get your application in to Animal Outreach Society, in McHenry, IL.  We know that Basil and Tarragon are already adopted by a wonderful couple from California, who will be keeping us informed about their new lives.  The rest are not yet spoken for, as far as we've been made aware by Animal Outreach Society.  They are all wonderful, affectionate kittens, as you've no doubt seen for yourself on the live stream and our YouTube videos!

As with for the last group, Animal Outreach Society has asked us to provide biographies, which you can find linked here, and official Graduation photographs, which are right here, along with the remainder of the photos we took during the sessions today!






Introducing The Textiles!

On Angels' Wings has provided the latest class to Kitten Academy.  Welcome to momcat Velvet, and her six kids, Poplin, Jacquard, Flannel, Merino, Chiffon, and Tweed!


Poplin - Female - No Collar

Jacquard "Jackie" - Female - Pink Collar

Flannel - Female - Plaid Collar

Merino - Female - Orange+Yellow Collar

Chiffon - Female - Blue Collar

Tweed - Male - No Collar

That's everyone!  As usual, here's the complete gallery of all the photos from the photoshoot.  And since we didn't publish it previously, we're including the photoshoot that was on Twitter and Facebook from the day they arrived!  



Chutney, and the "No Sads" Policy.

Here at the Kitten Academy, there's some guidelines we follow, but we really only have one truly official policy.  That policy is our "no sads" policy.  What it means is that we can't stomach hearing about cats and kittens in distress, even if we know the story ends well.  And therefore, we never want to tell those sorts of stories.  Even if our kittens come from a bad beginning, the story we want to focus on is the wonderful time they have at the Kitten Academy and thereafter.

Due to the nature of what we do, though, sometimes, sad things may happen.  In those cases, we've decided that we will just tell you the facts, in the least exploitative way possible.  We're not here to play on your heart-strings with tragedy, just to inform you of the news, even when it's unfortunate.

Click the big button below for the whole story, if you feel up for a certain amount of sad.  We've disabled comments on this post, only because we don't want extra sad for people who don't want it.  If you want to share something with us, our e-mail is


Momcat News!

We just want to make a quick post here to update you on the status of our momcats, Abby and Chutney.  We'll come back with another post soon about our kittens and exciting adoption stories!


Abby is at On Angel's Wings in Crystal Lake.  She turned out to not be a momcat after all!  She's just got a big belly.  She's a skittish cat, but once she knows you, she can be very loving.  Contact or stop by On Angel's Wings to see her or arrange an adoption!



Chutney's pregnancy turned out to not produce any viable kittens.  She's at the emergency vet as we write this, getting a C-section and spay.  She's going to be just fine!  She'll be returning to the Academy this evening, and will rest and recover for a little while before going to On Angel's Wings or another foster.

On Angel's Wings has three other momcats that need fostering, so their preference is to move Chutney to someone who can handle an adult cat, and bring one of the other momcats to us, where we have more experience.  When we know which of the three we'll be taking on here, we'll be sure to let you know!

[EDIT: 18th, 4:15pm, Chutney is out of surgery and doing well.  However,  the vet will be keeping her overnight to monitor her recovery.  Remember to always spay or neuter your pets!!]

[EDIT: 19th, 11:15am.  Chutney still at vet.  Reportedly doing well, but vet wants to see her eat before she goes home.  Next update after 3pm.]

[EDIT: 19th, 9:30pm.  Chutney home, recovering.  Full of purrs and headbutts.]


We'd like to end this post on the most important note:  a big thank you to all of our supporters over the last several months!  Because of your generous donations, and a couple months with unusually low expenses, we were able to choose the best treatment options at the emergency vet today without needing to be concerned with the cost.  That sort of privilege is wonderful, and it's thanks to all of you that we were able to easily choose the very best for Chutney.  Thank you so very much for your help!  We can't properly express how grateful we are that you've helped us in this situation.  You made today a much better day for everyone!

Chutney Gallery:

Abby Gallery:

So Much Mews!

It's been a couple of weeks since we've been able to write one of these blog posts!  We've been awfully busy between moving kittens around, trying to arrange for a new momcat, and obviously, the adoptions of Ivy's League and the Weathercats!



When we are busy like this, we hope you keep involved by watching our Facebook page, or even more, our Twitter feed.  We try to keep some activity on the Twitter every day.  And of course, for those of you who are Patreon subscribers - even if only for a dollar a month - you get access to a 24/7 live chat, with some wonderful people.


Professor Custard and Dusty

So, on to the news.  Firstly, the most important thing to mention, is that Dusty is still seeking an adopter. [Edit:  DUSTY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!  THANKS EVERYONE WHO HELPED GET THE WORD OUT!]  Tomorrow is Saturday the 3rd of December, and Animal Outreach Society has decided that Dusty will go to the PetSmart in McHenry in the morning, and stay there until she is adopted.  She's a wonderfully sweet, loving kitten who is playful, gets along very well with other animals, and never tires of snuggles and pettings from humans.  And snuggles and pets back as best she can!  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Animal Outreach Society.



The other kittens in the group have all been adopted, and some of them, in spectacular fashion!  Harv and Stormy were adopted together, by a family that made a six-hour round trip from far northern Wisconsin just for the kittens!  In any other Kitten Academy graduating class, that would have been the most amazing thing all by itself.  But we have another major milestone from this charming class of kittens:  Yale is being adopted by a "mystery adopter" who is flying in from another state, just for Yale.  They will be arriving at the Kitten Academy on Saturday morning, at 7am, and flying back home with Yale the same day.  



Yale's adopter will appear on the live stream at least a little bit, and we'll take whatever video and photos we can, for people who are unable to tune in live.  We wish we had the resources to give this event all the fanfare it deserves, but instead, we'll just bring our enthusiasm and sincere appreciation.


Finally, we think most of you are aware by now that we have Abby in the annex, a new cat from On Angel's Wings, who we believe to be pregnant (the cat, that is).  We don't know much of her story, only that she was relinquished at a shelter by her former owner.  


When we started Kitten Academy, our hope was only to raise a little awareness of the kittens we foster, locally.  Instead, you all have helped make Kitten Academy a global presence, and having half of the kittens in this last graduating class adopted from out-of-state is absolutely mind-boggling!  Thank you all for helping to get the word out, and for your support.