Adoption Schedule and Choux Photos!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!  

Here's our current plan for adoptions:

Kazoo is already practicing his Boston accent.

* Saturday the 22nd: Sometime in the early afternoon, Kazoo will be picked up by his adopters and taken home to Massachusetts!  Around the same time, we expect Cha-Cha's adopter to come pick her up, too, for a road trip to her new home in Wisconsin!

* Sunday the 23rd: Also in the early afternoon, we expect Lute and Foxtrot's adopter to pick them up (they are being adopted together) and bring them to their new home in Texas!

* August 1st (or 2nd): Waltz's adopter will be arriving to pick him up and bring him home to New York!

All of the adopters of this group are participants on our Discord chat for Patreon supporters, so we're well assured that there will be plentiful updates on them as they continue on with their post-graduate work.  When Twitter feeds and YouTube channels are announced, we'll be sure to pass along the links in our new Alumni section in the menu above!

The wonderful people at On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL are soon going to begin reviewing applications for Roux and her kittens, so if you are interested in adopting one of them, now is a great time to get your application in!

Cha-Cha wants to help with the camera.

As you may know, the Kitten Academy main room will be closed beginning on the 24th, when contractors will be arriving to repair water damage and also replace the floor, wall, and ceiling.  This project will take roughly two weeks.  During that time, we'll focus on Roux and her kittens in the Annex.  

Since Waltz will not be picked up until later, and won't be able to stay in the main room, we'll be allowing him to run around the house with the faculty until his adopter arrives.  Watch for him on the nightly close-up streams!

Here's a GIANT PILE of photos taken over the last several days!  Some of these have been previously published on our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed -- and almost all of them are posted first, as they are edited, on our Discord chat for Patreon supporters.



Introducing Roux's Pâte à Choux

Last night around 21:00 KATZ, Roux delivered her three healthy kittens!  It was a long delivery, and the archived video is almost five hours long!  You can find that here (as of this writing, it's still uploading and processing - it may take a few hours before it's available.)  

Roux is so very comfortable with her human friends that she actually delivered her kittens on the beanbag chair - in DJ's lap!  Certainly a first for Kitten Academy!  Though the kittens came out backwards and every which-way, in the end, everyone was fine!

Here's the new kids, in order of birth, with their names!

Éclair - "Claire" - Female

Croquembouche - "Cro"/"Croquie" - Male

Beignet - "Ben" - Male

Roux - Momcat

We'll work on getting more photos later, when the kittens are ready to spend a little more time away from Roux.  At a glance, it may seem difficult to tell Cro from Ben, but Cro has thin, light stripes, while Ben has bold, dark swirls.  

If you feel like you need a pronunciation guide for these kittens, you're not alone!  Here is some help:

Roux - roo

Pâte à choux - pat a shoo -

Éclair - eclair

Croquembouche - croak-um-boosh

Beignet - ben-yay

Kitten - ki-ten

Academy - uh-cat-emi -

Here's the rest of the photos:

Song and Dance Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Although the kittens in the current class will be graduating at different times, we've decided to include them all in yesterday's graduation photo shoot.  

As you know, Banjo, Mandolin, and Cello will all be adopted and leaving the Academy today!  Lute is still waiting for an officially approved adopter - but once one is approved, he's also ready to go! 

Kazoo, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Cha-Cha are waiting another week or so before they will have their Graduation ceremony (i.e. spay/neuter and such).

If you're interested in any of the kittens, be sure to get your applications in to On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL.  You can find the application here.

We expect to get regular updates from Banjo, Mandy, and Cello - so today's not a "goodbye" as much as it's a "see you later!"









As usual, here's all the rest of the photos from the shoot.  There were a lot of good ones this time - they're a photogenic bunch!

Welcome New Momcat, Roux!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

As you doubtless know, today we welcomed a new pregnant momcat to the Academy. Her name is "Roux" and she will be staying in the Annex until after all the Song and Dance kittens have graduated.  She came to us all the way from Ohio! She is super, super friendly and has surely set a record for fastest-to-lap-time.  

Some of you might have been expecting a Calico cat that was also coming from Ohio. However, when they both arrived at On Angels' Wings, they found out the calico wasn't pregnant! So it's fortunate Roux had come along as well! The calico, named "Pumpkin" because of her stunning orange eyes, will be available for adoption at OAW after her spay.

Before we get to all the photos, some news on other topics:

* Arial and Eva have finally been adopted, together! They will be going to their new home tomorrow, Saturday, July 1st!

* Banjo is being picked up from the Academy by his adopter on Sunday, July 2nd! His new family includes other black cats for him to play with!

* Cello and Mandolin are also being picked up by their adopter on Sunday, July 2nd, at the Academy! They will be living together!

Here's our photos of new momcat, Roux:

And here's some bonus photos we caught today of the Song and Dance kittens!



Fiddle and Song Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!  

As you no doubt are aware, Fiddle and Song are being adopted together - today!  Their adopter has made the long drive from New York state, and will be dropping by at some indeterminate time this evening to pick them up, and drive them back to their new home!

We'll try to give some warning on Twitter when the moment is near, but don't worry if you miss seeing it live - we'll be sure to archive it!

Even though they're going earlier than the rest of the class, we didn't want to leave them out of graduation photos, so we've done a very tiny photo shoot to capture the moment.  

Just a quick note of unrelated news; DJ has been working on redesigning parts of the website, and we expect those changes to go live this weekend - so look forward to that!

Song and Dance!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

As you no doubt are aware, we've had four new arrivals since DJ and Mr. A returned from vacation!  First, let's introduce the new characters:

Kazoo - Male

Foxtrot - Female

Waltz - Male

Cha-Cha - Female

We have plans to integrate the new kittens with Song's "Squints" - Kazoo already is getting along pretty well with them and spends most of his time in the main room with them.  On Thursday the 15th, Song and Fiddle will be going for their spay/neuter.  At that time, we'll bring the dance kittens into the main room with the rest of the Squints.  When Song and Fiddle return, they'll be placed in the Annex while they recover.   After that, we'll "play it by ear."

Although applications are already coming in to On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake for these kittens, if you find yourself falling in love with one, don't hesitate to put in your own application.  It often happens that an approved applicant falls through and a kitten goes to a second or third applicant instead.  At the very least, by having an application on file, you can be first in line to adopt a future cat or kitten.

Before we leave you with the rest of the photos from the photoshoot, let us say that JimmyD and JennyD did a superlative job of running the Kitten Academy while we were on vacation!  We enjoyed watching them while we were out of the country and JimmyD did a brilliant job with the nightly streams!  We hope we can continue to provide the same level of quality that he did.  And hopefully, he'll return from time to time as a guest host!

Angel's Fish Graduation!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

First, an apology.  We realize the close-up live stream the last two nights has had technical problems.  Technically, the YouTube software we use to do it is still in Beta, so we guess some problems might be expected.  Nonetheless, we suspect the real problem may be our phone, so tomorrow, we'll try rebooting it before we start rolling.  

Until then, the important news in tonight's close-up stream was that Haddie has an adopter!  On Angels' Wings contacted one of the backup applicants, and they are wonderful people who are super excited that Haddie will be theirs.  They're also in the Patreon/Discord chat and have promised to keep us up to date with lots of news and photos of Haddie in her new life!

Haddie and the other Fish are all recovering from today's surgeries, but we expect them to be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

Our regular mailbag segment will be held on Saturday at 10am - just as usual.  Then sometime early Saturday afternoon, Hal, Pom, and Trout's adopters will be turning up at Kitten Academy to pick up their kittens.  Because of the late notice, Haddie's adopters won't be arriving to pick her up until the following Saturday, the 27th.  We'll let you know more about whether you'll be able to tune in for that as we get the details worked out.  

But - as you know, we won't be here that weekend; Jimmy and Jenni will be running Kitten Academy in our absence.  

OK, with all the updates out of the way, here's our graduation photoshoot for Angel's Fish!





As usual, here's all the rest of the photos!



Updates and Song's Quintet Photos!

Two Mewspaper posts in one day is unprecedented, but it's been a special day!

Latte is a very serious cat.

Yesterday, the adopter of Star and Mocha also adopted Latte, and when he was reintroduced to his mom and brother, they filmed it!  What a wonderful outcome after all the potential adoptions for Latte that fell through!  

We've brought this up on the stream a number of times, but it bears repeating - DJ's big exams for medical school are coming up fast now, with less than a month left to study.  She's therefore had understandably little time to help out with Kitten Academy duties the way she normally does.  In turn, Mr. A. has been struggling to keep up with the usual activity.  Naturally, we see to the kittens' needs first, so if something has to fall by the wayside, it's likely to be videos and communication on social media and the Discord chat.  

Eddie/Toonki enjoys a rest.

If you're one of our Patreon supporters, -- thank you! -- the month ends tonight, and we haven't had our monthly Patreon stream, for the first time since we started.  We'll also be sending out the paw print cards a little late -- not the first time that's happened.  

After the exams are completed, DJ and Mr. A. will be leaving for two weeks of vacation.  During that time, Kitten Academy will be managed by JimmyD and JenniD, whom you may remember as the adopters of Winnie and Gary of the Fonts.  The live stream will carry on as usual, under their care.  We're super excited to have "guest hosts" and we couldn't ask for better substitutes -- you may not want Mr. A. and DJ to return!  The plan is to help them have an easier time of it by only having Song and her kittens at that time - so our next momcat or kittens will not be arriving until after our return in mid-June.

After that, we hope things at the Academy will return to normal!  Thanks for bearing with us during this tumultuous time!  

Now on to the real point of this Mewspaper entry... photos!  

Fish Cheatsheet Number Two!

Hello Kitten Watchers!

We realized today that the cheatsheet with kitten names and photos that's on the live stream for the Fish is their baby photos!  It was a little out of date, so this post is just to provide a new one.

On Angels' Wings informs us that all of the the Fish are already adopted!  They'll go for their Graduation on the 18th of May, and be collected by their adopters the following weekend.  

Haddock - "Haddie" - Female

Pomfret - "Pom" - Female

Halibut - "Hal" - Male

Trout - "Trout" - Male

As always, there were a lot of other photos we gathered during the shoot, and they're all here for you to enjoy!  

Introducing Song's Quintet!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

Before we dive into the details of the newest Kitten Academy class, a few things we'd like to get out of the way:

  • As of right now, Latte and Arial are still looking for adopters!  Contact On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL to apply.  
  • The contest to help with suggestions for Sarah Donner's (PG-13 Link!) upcoming music video for Kitten Academy is closed now, but we expect it will take some time for us to parse through all the wonderful suggestions, and for Sarah to decide what she'd like to do!  
  • We're still getting some questions about Angel - we apologize for not properly explaining the situation.  We briefly addressed it in last night's close-up stream, just a few minutes in.  The short version is, she's gone home to be with her owner, and we think it's good!

So, as most of you doubtless know by now, on Tuesday the 25th, our latest Kitten Academy class arrived!  Song was picked up by the Logan County Animal Control about a week prior.  They send out notices to shelters all over Illinois, and once a week, transport animals that the shelters are willing to take.  Song was pregnant when Logan County Animal Control picked her up, but delivered her kittens on Tuesday the 18th, while she was still there.  

That's everything we know about her history!  

Here's your cheat-sheet:


Cello (Female)

Mandolin (Female)

Banjo (Male)

Lute (Male)

Fiddle (Male)

As usual, here's the remainder of the photos from the shoot: