Welcome to the Cat Trees!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Before we get into the news of the new class, a quick reminder,  Hummus is still looking for a qualified adopter, which is mind-blowing, as he's a wonderful, playful, and loving kitten!  And you can apply online, just click right here!

DJ's pocket-sized cheatsheet!  Click it!

On Thursday, September 28th, Kitten Academy welcomed its largest and most unusual class to date!  We were told that a farmer in Indiana had gathered up all the cats and kittens in his barn, and they consisted of "Two momcats who were sharing parenting duties, and all their kittens."  We expected two young litters, but what we got wasn't exactly what we expected - two wonderful momcats, and a big bunch of kittens from multiple litters, ranging in age from about four weeks to six months!  In fact, all but three of them are already old enough to be eligible for graduation!

Though we've only had a few days to get to know them so far, they already are turning out to be wonderful, loving kittens.  The arrival and first day were rough - they'd been through a lot, and were a little scared of everything, including us and each other!  But it's only four days later and they are all getting along wonderfully, and have become super friendly - many of them get obviously excited to see us every time we come into the room, and will follow us around, asking to be loved.  And love them, we do!  Such a great bunch!

We've already scheduled the spay/neuter for all but the youngest three of them, which will happen tomorrow, Tuesday the 3rd of October.  Special thanks to On Angels' Wings for setting up the vet, and for providing post-operation kitten cuddling services (they always need extra volunteers to help cuddle kittens)!  And super special thanks to OAW volunteer, CariAnne (on the Patreon chat) for getting up extra early to help transport so many kittens!

Here's our official cheatsheet and initial photoshoot!  We're including the ages at the time of this post - but keep in mind we don't know how old they are!  These are our best guesses.

The first three kittens - on a different background - are currently isolated in the master bathroom, because they are so small, and because they had fleas (we think that's taken care of now) and because at least two of them are showing signs of having a very minor cold.  They are also the only ones not going for the spay/neuter tomorrow!

Eucalyptus - Female - 4 weeks

Elderberry - Male - 4 weeks

Gingko - Female - 7-8 weeks

Chestnut - F - 3-4 months

Sassafras - Female - 2-2.5 months

Hickory - Male - 3 months

Maple - Female - 2.5-3 months

Buckeye - Male - 2 months

Crabapple - Male - 5-6 months

Juniper - Female - 4-5 months

Larch - Male - 4-5 months

Filbert - Male - 6 months

Magnolia - Momcat - Young

Fig - Momcat - Young

As usual, here's all the photos from our photoshoot!  

Purrsians Graduation and News!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!  

The Purrsians are almost ready to graduate!  The girls, Tahini and Falafel, will be going for their graduation on Tuesday, September 26th!  Babaghanoush and and Hummus will get at least an extra week -- depending on when they get a clean bill of health from the vet.  Nonetheless, we've gone ahead and gotten some wonderful photos of them!  They aren't quite the traditional grad photos, since photographing white kittens on the white background doesn't work too well...!

In related news, Babaghanoush and Hummus still need adopters!  We're kind of hoping they can get adopted together, as they're both very high-energy and having each other to play with will probably work well for them -- and for their adopter!  But they'll be fine if they go individually to adopters that can play with them a lot!

If you feel like applying for them, you can try out our new online application form!  This is something brand new that DJ put together, so if you have any feedback or issues with it, please e-mail us to let us know, at headmaster@kitten.academy!  





As usual, here's the rest of the photos from this photoshoot - and from the prior action shoot!

Roux's Choux Graduation!

Hello, Kitten fanatics!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 2nd, Roux, Cro, and Claire all will be leaving the Academy for a much brighter future!   Cro and Claire are going to live together!  Both of the adopters will be arriving around 14:00 KATZ.  

There's little question that Roux is the most people-loving and playful momcat we've had in a long time... possibly ever!  Delivering her kittens on DJ's lap was a first for all of us!  We're going to miss all three of them terribly, but their adopters are already present on the Discord chat for Kitten Academy Patreons, and we expect them to keep us all up to date with photos and more.  Perhaps Twitter feeds?  

Just a couple quick reminders:  

  • Garbanzo's mystery adopter will be arriving Sunday the 3rd, around 21:00 KATZ.  And they'll be bringing a special surprise, too!
  • On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL still needs applicants for the Purrsians!  




As always, here's the rest of the photos from the graduation photoshoot! 

Chili's Beans Graduation!

Howdy, Kitten Academy Readers!

All of the kittens currently at the Academy are rapidly approaching Graduation - this would have been a mixed graduation announcement, except we only have photos of Chili's Beans so far!

In fact, today Pinto and Mister Pickles both went to On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, where they will be picked up by their adopters!  

Pinto didn't turn up to the graduation photo session, so we've used one of his older photos below.  We'll have updates from his adopter soon enough!  His adopter is also adopting Coriander, but Cori needs to get over his URI before he's ready to fly across the country - so he'll be staying at the Academy, and catching up with Pinto a little later.

Here's the schedule so far:

  • Pinto - August 24 at OAW
  • Mister Pickles - August 24 at OAW
  • Cayenne - August 26
  • Chili - August 26
  • Roux - September 2
  • Garbanzo - September 3 
  • Coriander - September 9 (will be joining Pinto!)

In addition, we have approved adopters for Kidney + Tomato (together!) and Croquembouche + Eclair (together!), but we haven't set dates for them to be picked up yet!

So far, On Angels' Wings has not informed us of approved adopters for any of The Purrsians (Hummus, Babaghanoush, Tahini, or Falafel).








Pinto (archive image)

...And Mister Pickles!

As usual, here's a gallery of the extra photos from the session!

Welcome to The Purrsians... and Mr. Pickles!

Hello Kitten Academicians!

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, who sent us Chili and Roux, asked us last week if we would be able to take three additional kittens that are the same age as Chili and Roux's kids.  We thought because they are the same age, we could put them together and not add much work to what we're already doing.

But before they could be transported to On Angels' Wings, HSOV received two additional kittens "from the same family!"  Rather than try to split them up, we agreed to take all five.

They arrived at OAW on Friday the 11th, but we weren't able to pick them up and bring them to Kitten Academy until the following day.

Our current plan is to try to integrate them with Roux's kittens, and if that fails, then try them with Chili's kittens!  -- Except Mister Pickles, who is a little bigger and will roam the house with the faculty so he and Custard can be playmates.

Hummus - Male - No markings on body.

Babaganoush - Male - Black markings on flanks.

Tahini - Female - Sparse calico on back

Falafel - Female - Heavy calico on back

...and Mister Pickles!  

As usual, here's a gallery of all the photos from this shoot - and a couple faculty photos mixed in.


Here's a big photodump of photos that haven't been previously released.  Because we all need a little distraction.

If you're looking for the cheat-sheet for the five new kittens that arrived today - that'll be coming soon!

Welcome Chili's Beans!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians! 

Our newest family, Chili and her kittens, arrived at Kitten Academy quite unexpectedly on Saturday the 29th of July.  We had gone to On Angels' Wings to drop off some medication, and ended up coming home with six kittens and a momcat!  

Chili is coincidentally from the same shelter in Ohio that Roux came from!  To make things more special, three of her kittens are polydactyl -- that means they have more than the usual number of toes for a cat.  (The usual is four!  [Ed: or five if you count the dewclaw, which we don't!])

We guesstimate that Chili is about a year old, and her kittens are about five or six weeks old.

Chili has already had the opportunity to meet the Faculty - including Elsie - and gets along just great with all of them; so she's likely to be a wonderful choice for someone to adopt who already has cats, or even dogs.

We'd like to bring Chili and her kittens together with Roux and her kittens, but that's a difficult plan to accomplish safely, so we'll be taking our time about it!

If you're looking for news about the new kitten room or the alumni or Roux's Choux, stay tuned - that'll be in a future Mewspaper!

Cayenne Pepper - Female - Pink Collar

Kidney Bean - Female - Red Collar (or none) - Polydactyl

Coriander (Cory) - Male - Blue Collar

Garbonzo Bean - "Gonzo" - Male - Black Collar - Polydactyl

Tomato - Female - Pink Collar

Pinto Bean - Male - Lavender Collar - Polydactyl

Chili - Momcat

Here's the rest of the photos from this photoshoot!

Adoption Schedule and Choux Photos!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!  

Here's our current plan for adoptions:

Kazoo is already practicing his Boston accent.

* Saturday the 22nd: Sometime in the early afternoon, Kazoo will be picked up by his adopters and taken home to Massachusetts!  Around the same time, we expect Cha-Cha's adopter to come pick her up, too, for a road trip to her new home in Wisconsin!

* Sunday the 23rd: Also in the early afternoon, we expect Lute and Foxtrot's adopter to pick them up (they are being adopted together) and bring them to their new home in Texas!

* August 1st (or 2nd): Waltz's adopter will be arriving to pick him up and bring him home to New York!

All of the adopters of this group are participants on our Discord chat for Patreon supporters, so we're well assured that there will be plentiful updates on them as they continue on with their post-graduate work.  When Twitter feeds and YouTube channels are announced, we'll be sure to pass along the links in our new Alumni section in the menu above!

The wonderful people at On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL are soon going to begin reviewing applications for Roux and her kittens, so if you are interested in adopting one of them, now is a great time to get your application in!

Cha-Cha wants to help with the camera.

As you may know, the Kitten Academy main room will be closed beginning on the 24th, when contractors will be arriving to repair water damage and also replace the floor, wall, and ceiling.  This project will take roughly two weeks.  During that time, we'll focus on Roux and her kittens in the Annex.  

Since Waltz will not be picked up until later, and won't be able to stay in the main room, we'll be allowing him to run around the house with the faculty until his adopter arrives.  Watch for him on the nightly close-up streams!

Here's a GIANT PILE of photos taken over the last several days!  Some of these have been previously published on our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed -- and almost all of them are posted first, as they are edited, on our Discord chat for Patreon supporters.



Introducing Roux's Pâte à Choux

Last night around 21:00 KATZ, Roux delivered her three healthy kittens!  It was a long delivery, and the archived video is almost five hours long!  You can find that here (as of this writing, it's still uploading and processing - it may take a few hours before it's available.)  

Roux is so very comfortable with her human friends that she actually delivered her kittens on the beanbag chair - in DJ's lap!  Certainly a first for Kitten Academy!  Though the kittens came out backwards and every which-way, in the end, everyone was fine!

Here's the new kids, in order of birth, with their names!

Éclair - "Claire" - Female

Croquembouche - "Cro"/"Croquie" - Male

Beignet - "Ben" - Male

Roux - Momcat

We'll work on getting more photos later, when the kittens are ready to spend a little more time away from Roux.  At a glance, it may seem difficult to tell Cro from Ben, but Cro has thin, light stripes, while Ben has bold, dark swirls.  

If you feel like you need a pronunciation guide for these kittens, you're not alone!  Here is some help:

Roux - roo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcOapW_Qt-g

Pâte à choux - pat a shoo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uarw3Bqq-Rc

Éclair - eclair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHwcwW1mRc0

Croquembouche - croak-um-booshhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By50TC6b874

Beignet - ben-yay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9lZeBB2MZc

Kitten - ki-tenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOIYHC8-d-w

Academy - uh-cat-emi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLuJPhdAtQM

Here's the rest of the photos: