Professor Custard

Professor Custard, who was a proud matriculate of the Kitten Academy 2016 English Desserts class, is the latest addition to the Academy's esteemed faculty.  Prof. Custard decided to accept his position at the Academy soon after his graduation day ceremonies.  He has since managed a very smooth transition into his new role in academia.  

The young professor's interests include Advanced Human Companionship, Feline Friendliness and Canine Cordiality.  Despite his full schedule, he continues the Human Dentistry research project initiated earlier this year by his sister and Kitten Academy classmate, Shortcake.  He diligently works on collecting new, more accurate data for this project. We hope that he will pass on his knowledge and techniques to future students.  Prof. Custard has already taken on office hours with current students and despite being new, is proving to be a spectacular teacher.